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Meet Andrea

Ok, this is supposed to be where you can learn a little about who you are trusting with some of the most important and precious memories in your lives so it should be good and very informative…….right!? I can first tell you that I absolutely dreaded writing this page while at the same time anxious to get it done, weird I know.

I wish that I could start off with some cute story about my very first camera with a care bear on it or something, by telling you that photography has always been my dream and that I got my first camera when I was just a kid. But that’s not how it happened for me, I didn’t get my first camera until May of 2010 when my middle daughter was just a baby. When I was growing up my dream was always to be a mom, when I was a kid I spent all my time playing with Barbies and doll babies and dreaming of what my “real” kids would be like someday. And now I am blessed to have 4 amazing children, and though playing house and Barbies was a lot of fun growing up it doesn’t even come close to how amazing and wonderful my life is now. I was definitely born to be a mom! And it was through my first dream and love that I found my second love, photography. I absolutely love my job and put my whole heart into every session. I always say that newborns are my favorite even though they are the hardest sessions to do. ¬†There is something so special and exciting about shooting a brand new baby and capturing just how amazingly beautiful and pure they are, how perfect in every way each one is. Don’t get me wrong I love my babies, families and Seniors too but nothing can beat a sweet snuggly newborn.

A few fun facts about me you may be interested in are I am a Diet Coke junkie, I love sweets of any kind and could eat pizza every day. I am horrible with electronics, so it’s a good thing brother is an IT nerd and lives next door to us, because learning new things on electronics gives me a headache. I have a phobia about the Dentist, absolutely hate going. I love lunches with my girl friends and cozy nights in with my family………..which consists of 8! I will marry my best friend and love of my life in April of 2018. And lastly I love meeting new people and tend to talk way too much.